What Is the Right Armor Carrier for You to Remain Safe While On Duty?

There are certain professions like working in the Police department wherein you need to use soft body armor while carrying out your duty. Some of you may be involved in shooting jobs, where you may have use special kind of protection. In such cases, you must have hard armor plates, which should be located in your front as well as backside, so that in case any bullet hits, you remain safe.

People of armed forces or those who work in such jobs have to confront regularly with armed people like terrorists etc. Therefore, they need to have suitable armor plates, which they can get from any Plate Carrier Zone. With increased incidents of terrorist activities taking place across the world, the need for such armor carrier is increasing. Therefore, you need to choose the right kind of armor carrier based on the type of activities that you are engaged in.

Some of the armor classes

There are various grades of armor ballistic vest packages available, which have to be chosen based on the severity of job conditions. People who are involved in such jobs must choose them based on their requirements so that they can safely carry out their profession.

There are some packages, which can withstand only single bullet while other packages can withstand multiple shots of bullets. All these packages are properly tested by the manufacturers so that users are fully assured of their safety while using them.

Ceramic plates

People of combat forces are using ceramic plates for their safety, which can easily absorb the impact of any bullet fired at them. When bullet hits ceramic plate, it breaks down and its impact is reduced.

Since ceramic plates are lighter in weight so people can easily move by carrying such plates. Some of the lighter versions of ceramic plates are available which are much expensive as compared to commonly available ceramic plates.

Ceramic plates may get cracked if it is repeatedly hit by bullets. Therefore, users must replace it with new one, if they observe any crack mark on them.

Polyethylene plates

Polyethylene plates are much lighter than ceramic plates and these plates are also extensively used by people working in various security jobs. It is considered to be better alternative to ceramic plates and also 25 per cent more costly.