4 major factors to consider when buying a commercial grinder.

A good meat grinder in your workplace is a perfect way to serve customers fast and satisfy their needs. In other words, it’s a perfect way to aid you in carrying out your business with ease and maintain quality products. When buying a commercial meat grinder, most people find it hard to choose the best grinder. It leads people to buy an unnecessarily expensive machine that does not have all the features needed. They are for preparing sausages, hamburger patties, and soup meat according to customer’s preferences.

They are readily available in two models; electric and manual. A manual grinder usually has a handle that you move in a circular motion; it is tedious compared to the much efficient electric model. When buying a commercial meat grinder, one may need to consider the following;

Type of meat

Meat you purchase from the local butcher such as pork, beef, or chicken is easy to grind. Fats can also cause clogging of the plates used for grinding the meat to preferable texture. The volume of meat one plans to crush also is a factor one needs to consider in the purchase of a grinder. In business the size of meat in a given grinding matters. It is advised to used large grinders to accommodate large amounts to save time

The speed and durability of the grinder

The time that the mill takes to grind a certain amount of meat is necessary for time saving. As much as the grinder is fast, it should also be durable not breaking down in the middle of the grinding process. The most durable machine will reduce the expenses of repair hence saves the business money. Also, the speed will enable you to serve a large number of consumers.


A good choice of a meat grinder should be easy to clean. As we all know, accumulation of uncleansed meat will lead to the growth of bacteria which will contaminate meat being ground. These might cause diseases to the consumers. A grinder that is easy to use is good to have in business; the workforce doesn’t have same qualifications and knowledge hence an easy to use machine that anyone can use is preferred.


When operating a grinder, it should not be freely moving or shaky but should be firm on the table with probably a suction cup mechanism. Good anchorage is essential while operating a grinder.

Buying grinders that come with accessories is advisable. For instance, a blender that comes with three separate cutting plates allows one to produce grinds that are of different textures or attachments for sausage making. It is better than just buying a grinder with no accessories.


Use the available options when purchasing a meat grinder, so make sure that you know the size of your customer in your business, the type of meat you will be grinding before buying a grinder.It is also good to note an important source to check them out.