Building a conservatory in your house: 6 points to remember

Home is not only about space but also health. A smaller house which is full of natural light and air is always prized more than a bigger one which is dark and damp. And to ensure that your house has the blessing of the nature to make your neighbors envious, go for the conservatory. It not only gives your house a facelift but also makes it closer to the nature by letting in a lot of light. Overall, the value of your beloved property will go up by quite a few notches if you add a conservatory. True, orangeries are more popular now but that hasn’t made the conservatories’ value sink. Conservatories also increase your house’s value if you have decided to sell it, proving that it’s worth an investment.

However, you also need to keep some things in mind if you have decided to set up a conservatory:

Permission: Consult the local civic authority before putting your plan on building a conservatory into action. Take help of our builders service on the guidance before taking the initial step.

Choosing the insurance company: It is very important to carefully get the insurance of the conservatory done before the work gets started.

Take protection against weather conditions: While conservatives are great to spend time in when the weather is great, it might be not that pleasant during the summer as the glasses may get overheated. In that case, having polycarbonate cavities in the roof with a solar insert can be useful. If you get your conservatory properly guarded against the elements, you can use it just as an extra room of your house throughout the year, irrespective of the temperature outside.

Think about the ventilation: Just erecting a conservatory is not enough. A lot depends on how you use it.  Ventilation is very important while using a conservatory because the lack of it could lead to unhealthy conditions inside the unit and reduce all the excitement and fun that come with it.

Use toughened glass: Just like it makes your house that much unique, conservatories can also be a weak link as burglars can eye it to get an easy access to your house. Hence, take extra care while putting up the glasses. Use ultra-strong toughened glasses so that neither the burglars nor the elements can damage them. Also use good-quality locks and burglar alarms to ensure that your conservatory’s safety is not compromised.

Choosing the materials: It is very important what materials you choose for making the conservatory depending on whether it is a long-term investment or just a short-term in a temporary residence. We advise you to communicate your plan about it in advance and also take interest in the materials that will be used in setting up the structure.