Vacuum Sealers Significantly Extends Lifespan and Prevents Spoilage

Vacuum packing is a simple and effective way to preserve different consumable products. Vacuum packing is technically regarded as MAP or Modified Atmosphere Packaging. In this kind of packaging, the air around the food stored inside is adjusted from external atmosphere.

Things to consider, while buying vacuum sealer

Before you purchase a new vacuum packaging machine determine the product size and production level. Moreover, consider gas flush option. Gas flush introduces an inert gas inside the package to enhance shelf life. You can learn about necessary aspects visiting

After selecting an appropriate vacuum sealer it is time to determine ideal vacuum bags. You will get an array of sizes, so make sure to select one that ensures professional and sleek packaging.

Additional accessories may depend on the kind of machine you choose. For commercial grade vacuum packaging machines external compressors are needed. Start-up food companies can save a lot on initial cost investing in high-end vacuum sealer because their initial production levels are low.

Here are the benefits of vacuum packaging

Enhanced shelf life

Vacuum packing enhances the products shelf life, significantly by introducing an ideal atmosphere within. It could be eliminating oxygen or introducing inert gas inside. Many products can go into long-term freezer storing. Freezer burns gets decreased due to use of proper vacuum bag.

Alleviates loss of product

Increase in shelf life directly alleviates product loss, which in turn increases the bottom lines.

Sealed barrier

Thickness of the commonly used vacuum bag is 3 mil and some are available up to 6 to 8 mil. Proper seal allows the products to avoid unhygienic external elements.

Seals in flavors

Curing meat is necessary prior preparation and wet aging is a popular method. Natural juices from meat combined with flavors and spices vacuum sealed locks flavors in this curing process.

No preservatives needed

With the proper combination of inert gas and oxygen products last longer without using preservatives. Nitrogen is the common inert gas used for vacuum packaging.

Enhances product presentation

Crystal clear vacuum bags allow sealed products displayed on shelves. Products are shelf ready with application of vacuum packaging solution.

Multi-packaging options

Materials used in packaging are available in multiple varieties. You can buy bags to seal, rolls of films or foil lined bags, easy tear bags, and many other options for selection.

Quick & efficient packaging

Using proper vacuum sealers and materials, the sealing turns to be an efficient process that allows sealing thousands of products in an hour.