How To Stick To New Habits and Achieve Your Goals

Maybe you are among those people who make resolutions at the end of each year or when you turn one year older. The biggest problem is that most people fail to live up to their resolutions. Some of the major obstacles to achieving such dreams are random occurrences, financial problems and lack of commitment among many more others. How do you make a new habit to stick? It takes discipline and commitment which is not available among many people. The following are simple tips to create a new habit and achieve your dreams.

Commit for one month

You need at least three weeks to make a particular habit automatic. If you decide to hit the gym, the first thirty days will be hard, but after that, it will be automatic. You shall feel the desire just to exercise once you have the momentum. One month is enough to condition your brain and entire body to a particular task.

Do it on Daily Basis

You need to be consistent to achieve your desired results. If for instance, you decide to jog, do it every day. Some people become lazy on the way and promise to make up for the last time on the following day. Make a schedule which you can work with for the period you choose.

Do not overstrain

You cannot lose weight or gain a six pack within a single day.  It will also take some time to quit smoking or drinking alcohol. Take one step at a time and improve as time goes by. If for instance, you want to study three hours every day, you can start with forty-five minutes and increase fifteen minutes daily until you hit the target.

Find a motivator

You need to understand the goal you want to achieve. Have a clear plan and schedule on how you want to achieve such goals. You can get a personal coach or a mentor on your personal development journey. If you want to save a certain amount of money by the end of the year, ensure you have a plan on how to spend it once you achieve.

Be ready for Challenges

Picking a new habit and dropping an old one can be hard. Temptations are always there to switch back to old lifestyles. If you fail to implement your plan today, do not get discouraged or quit. Try again tomorrow and the following day until you get it right. You also have to get rid of distracters that may hinder you from realizing your dreams.

Making resolutions is very simple but the implementation is very hard for most people. Following the above tips ensures that you improve your life for the better and achieve your dreams.