How To Cut Sausage Into Pieces

The rare holiday table does not go without beautiful meat cutting from various grades of sausages.

Everyone can cut sausage into a piece, but to cut it into thin slices is the whole art, which can be performed only by skilled hosts, who have certain skills, knowledge, and experience. It is possible to buy already cut sausage, but not everyone trust observance of an expiration date in the shop. Click here for more info.

How to be if you do not have this knowledge? How to cut sausage thinly and at the same time without spoiling quite expensive product?

In this article, we will tell you how to slice sausages correctly and beautifully into thin slices.

Ideally, you will need a special house slicer for cutting of sausages and cheeses, which is called the meat slicer. Find more at SliceWiser. However, not every kitchen has this device.

So what to use to cut sausages, when meat slicer is not available?

The first step is to remove sausage skin. Otherwise, removing a cover from each slice would be quite troublesome. Moreover, slices can be damaged.

Before cutting properly cool sausage. It is even better to freeze it until the rigid state. Then cut it by means of a grater (that is usually used for cutting of potatoes slices for chips). You will be surprised by accurate ovals.

If you do not have such device on the kitchen, then cutting can be performed by means of a usual knife. Try to cut off each slice slightly and obliquely. It is better to take the knife with a wide blade, has a thin edge and is very sharply grounded. It is also a good idea to take a knife with jags.

If you decided to make it this way, sausage also needs to be cooled well in the refrigerator. The reason is that soft products are cut badly. Another tip – the knife needs to be greased with flavorless vegetable oil. Then, slowly cut sausages into equally thin slices.

The lubricated knife will slide well and allow making beautiful cutting on a table, which, in the meantime, would not differ from a store cutting, executed by means of the industrial slicer.

It is much heavier to cut raw smoked sausage. Think, does it makes sense to refuse it at the holiday table in favor of smoked sausage? Otherwise, be ready that you will need to pull socks up for proper cutting.