Artistic Children and Their Gifts

Do you have a free-spirited child who loves to daydream? He or she lives in a world full of imagination and wonder.

Often, I look at my daughter, and I wish I could see what her mind looks like. I’ve often despaired that the real world is too much for her, so I’ve tried to teach her ways to navigate our world so that she can live in her world as well.

Sometimes I’m given a glimpse of her world. This is demonstrated by the handmade gifts that she’s often giving others. Most of the time, she’s cutting up bits of paper or string, and somehow those things end up on a frame or picture. Perhaps I’m biased, but the end result often looks like a work of art.

My latest gift from her was a watercolor canvas of brightly hued butterflies in a snowstorm. I found the gift so thoughtful and fitting I hung it on my office wall immediately.

As a parent, I try to encourage my daughter to follow her dreams. I’ve tried my best to provide the tools and resources she needs to express that creative side of her.

I know all too well how quickly your childhood can end, and I want her to stay in her world as long as possible.

Since I enjoy planning ahead, I was thinking of activities to keep my daughter entertained. I’m fortunate that she’s one of those children who can play for hours with a cardboard box, but I wanted to prepare a list of activities in case she needs some ideas.

Because of her artistic and creative nature, I was thinking of sending her to art camp. I think she’d definitely enjoy something like that. Learn more if you’re planning ahead and think art camp might be a great fit for your creative artist.

Besides the usual painting and such, I’ve encouraged my daughter to join me in learning needle art as well. Not surprising, she took to the crochet hook very well. As restless as she is, it seems as if crocheting is the only activity she enjoys staying still for.

I don’t know how my daughter will make her living when she’s older, but I hope that she figures out a way to do what she loves. It’s such a shame to snuff out a child’s dreams. As parents, we should encourage our children to find their passion and to provide guidance on how to make it work for them.