How To Use Twitter For Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most recent approaches that business owners are using to promote and create campaigns for their products. Twitter is the 3rd largest social network based on the number of users and has over 330 million users every month. Twitter use a different approach when compared to other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, and it falls under the category of the microblogging site. Business owners are now realizing the power of Twitter in marketing and are now using it on a full-time basis. However, some people do not understand what it takes to market through this platform. The following are simple trips of making the best out of Twitter.

    1. Create an official account

You should always remember that your business and you as the owner are different entities. Mixing your tweets with of that of the business might be a bad idea. Giving personal experiences may give life to the tweets but do not overdo it. List everything that you think your customers should know on your business profile and leave no room for imagination. If your business name or preferred username is already taken, you can use special characters such as an underscore to ensure that you do not lose your brand name.

    1. Use hashtags

On a daily basis, you shall find a tab of what is trending and make headlines both locally and internationally. Research on what the influencers are using as hashtags and ensure that you love your posts about them. Ensure that your tweets add value to the readers and do not just tweet for the sake of it. Remember that Twitter limits the number of characters which now stands at 280. You can provide a link to your website or other profiles in case you do not to clarify your points further.

    1. Automate your social campaigns

You may not have enough time to search for hashtags, engage customers, respond to their queries and still fulfill orders. However, you cannot ignore marketing as it plays a very important role in your business. You can automate your marketing on Twitter by use of bots which will follow influencers on your behalf, search for trending hashtags and schedule posts. You can check some of best automation tools at that can help grow your business. Your only effort will be coming up with enticing captions and serving customers. The tasks that a bot can perform will depend on the developer and plan.