Safe Use of the electric Blanket

An electric blanket is one of the best ways to lower heating bills while remaining comfortable on a cold night. However, you need to know how the blanket works and the potential dangers associated with the uses.

Make Sure You Buy New

There is a high risk when you go for old or worn blankets. If you own one that is worn and tattered, it is time to upgrade regardless of the memories you have with it. The risk of fire is real and high; make sure you stay safe by buying a new one from Warm Electric.

Electromagnetic Field

You might not know this but you are sleeping under an electromagnetic field when you sleep under an electric blanket. The field is created every time you tune on the blanket.

So, how does this affect you in the long term? The implications of this field vary depending on the situation. If you are pregnant, it isn’t recommended to sleep under an electric blanket when it is on. This is because the electromagnetic field might affect the fetus. You can still warm the blanket before you sleep, but turn it off when you sleep under it.

Diabetics and the Electric Blanket

There have been a lot of studies related to diabetics and electric blankets. There have been warnings to the effect that diabetics shouldn’t use the blankets, the main reason being that this group of people experiences periodic loss of sensation in their extremities. They can still warm the bed using the electric blanket but shouldn’t sleep under it.

The Pacemaker and the Electric Blanket

You can comfortably use a pacemaker and still cover yourself with an electric blanket. If you have further questions, you can go ahead and talk to your doctor before you use the blanket.

The Elderly

This is a special group with special needs. The production of electric blankets has advanced to a stage where the blankets are now safer than before. You shouldn’t use the blankets on elderly people who don’t understand how the operation of the blanket. Additionally, senior citizens who are paralyzed shouldn’t use the blanket.

In Closing

An electric blanket is one of the innovative ways to stay warm during the cold winter nights. Proper use of the blanket also helps you also save on heating bills around the home. Make sure you choose the right blanket and know when to use it and when not to use it.