How to Differentiate a Good Bot from a Bad Bot

Improving the identity or visibility of your brand on Instagram is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy on the platform. Without a strong presence, you can hardly reach your target audience, let alone make any sales. With that in mind, most business owners have employed different tricks to improve their online presence. Some opt to employ professional social media account managers whereas the majority prefers using Instagram bots.

With such a reliance on these automation tools, as exhibited by their popularity, it’s fair to say that not all Instagram bots are bad. This article seeks to uncover the differences between good and bad bots to help you make a more informed decision if you decide to join the automation bandwagon.


A bot can assume all or some of the activities of your account according to how it’s programmed. That means that it will have access to your personal information and that of your followers. Therefore, ensuring you are dealing with a safe bot means your personal information cannot be collected and used for other inappropriate purposes. Some companies, especially those that sell followers harvest information from other people’s profiles and create fake accounts. Others may use such information for fraudulent activities.

Considering that you may also need to pay for the service, your credit card information or bank details may be at risk if you are not careful when choosing a bot. See to it that the payment gateways used by the company are fully verified. You can find out more about automation tools such as Likesocial or any other that you intend to use from review sites such as Income Artist and see if it’s safe or not.


A good bot service should provide unlimited support, twenty-four hours a day each day. Whereas most bot services list on their sites that they have twenty-four-hour support, it’s important to confirm that by checking in at odd hours. If you don’t get a response, or you get a response but it’s not sufficient, probably from a pre-recorded audio, move on and find a more reliable service.


Carefully check the information provided on their website and see whether it’s sufficient and authentic. Most bad bot services tend to have limited information and often don’t provide authentic contact information. A good company should have a well-drafted website that is easy to navigate. Payment information should also be available on their site, including the amount payable and the payment procedure.


Using Instagram bots may bring you the immediate results you want, but may not be a lasting solution in the long-run. However, growing your account organically can be daunting, especially if you are faint-hearted. Therefore, if you decide to use bots, be sure to check whether it falls on the good or the bad category as discussed in this article.