4 Facts about Instagram Followers

Instagram is home to millions of active users that “hang out” on the social network daily. And due to this high activity on a daily basis, the opportunity to advertise businesses, promote causes, and sell yourself on the network is promising.

But that may be the case only if plenty of Instagram users are interested in building an engagement and then choose to be your followers.

Here are facts about Instagram followers.

1. The More Followers You Have, The More Popular You Are

First is the fact that your follower count is linked to your popularity on Instagram.

Let’s explore an example. If you have a thousand followers, you seem to be hot stuff. Considering a thousand people take interest in your post, you have a popular name.

And you can use the follower count as the basis for comparison. It can help you determine who the more popular one is between you and your friend.

Let’s use the same example. If you have 1,000 followers and your friend has 5,000 followers, she seems to be the more popular one.

2. You Can Buy Instagram Followers

On the other hand, you can easily raise your popularity level by buying followers.

Many Instagram growth services can provide you with a million Instagram followers — both organically and via paid subscriptions. The fact that you can buy followers on the social network is a plus, especially if you want to raise your follower count fast.

But you should be careful with a service provider that does that. There are pros and cons to buying followers.

3. Excellent Content Drives Up the Follower Count

The third is the fact that content is king on Instagram — as well as on blogs and other social networks. So, create excellent content by uploading high-quality photos coupled with an error-free caption.

Remember to always double check all your to-be-posted content. And make sure they are useful, informative, and engaging.

4. Hashtags Also Drive Up the Follower Count

Another way of increasing your follower count on Instagram is to use hashtags. Just remember to use only relevant ones.

So, add hashtags at the end of every post. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post.

These hashtags can make you more discoverable, especially if you go with the most frequently used ones.

For example, there’s the hashtag #green. If 2,000 people on Instagram browse a pool of content in the #greensection, your post will accessible to 2,000 people.


Your Instagram followers are important in your Instagram presence.

Somehow, they reflect your performance on the social network. So, if you’re doing great on Instagram, you can expect a swarm of followers your way.