Neck Pain in Offices & Treatment Options

Sitting for hours gazing at your computer can cause neck pain. In fact, you’re likely to experience neck pain at one point or the other if you spend most of your time sitting in the office or when working. When this happens, it is essential that you seek treatment as soon as you can to avoid aggravating the condition. Here are your options;

Traction Devices

Traction devices prop up your neck to ease the intensity of pain. They work to push down your shoulders and by extension stretch your cervical spine. Regular use of cervical traction devices helps relax your neck muscles and realign your cervical spine disc. Cervical traction devices are available in three options, each working differently as explained at Note – it is essential to find out which choice works best for your level of pain before spending your money.

Physical Therapy

Other than using traction devices, you can see a physical therapist to train you how to correct your posture and align your spine. He/she can advise that you embark on an exercise regimen to strengthen your neck or use electrical stimulation to ease the intensity of pain.

Short-Term Immobilization

This involves a soft collar that works to support your neck. That way, you can reduce the pressure on the entire structure of your neck. The only thing to note with this remedy is that it works for mild pain. If you wear the collar for more than a week, it may end up worsening your situation.

Steroid Injections

Your physician may inject corticosteroids close to your nerve root located near the faucet joint the bones of your cervical spine. Or, he/she may use numbing drugs such as Lidocaine to relieve the pain. Steroid injections work for severe neck pain. Other treatment options include surgery and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

The Bottom Line

Neck pain can reduce your ability to carry your day to day duties in the office. It is essential, therefore, that you find ways to deal with it to ensure that you remain productive. Also, unless you have recurring neck pain, you can use affordable treatment options with no side effects. In fact, at times, all it takes to drive the pain away is to stretch your neck or doing some light exercises before going to the office. Be sure to seek the advice of your doctor if non-medication remedies are not working to reduce the pain.