Why Teenagers Should Get Involved in Martial Arts

Is your kid or teenager hyper active or deals with ADHD or similar? Perhaps it’s time for him/her to get involved in martial arts. Perhaps you haven’t thought of it but Kung Fu would be ideal for them as it provides a sense of calm. It’s also one of the most popular forms of martial arts, and with that one of the oldest so have a look into it.

Karate is another one and participants can sign up as young as 4 year old, you read that right. Although this article is about teenagers you can never start to early so with your next baby on the way (perhaps), or in the making ;) you might want to revisit this article at a later time. In case you didn’t know: Karate means ‘Empty Hand’, what they mean with that is that it’s an unarmed sport, nothing in your hand, those Japanese definitely keep things simple!

A more gentle art is Jiu Jitsu – another unarmed sport that basically depends on throws with the main focus on self-defense. You don’t want your teenager to go out on the offense do you? Furthermore it teaches children how to de-escalate confrontations and induces self-awareness. In other words the most perfect martial arts sport.

Taekwondo, this one actually comes from Korea, don’t ask me about the North of South. It’s an Olympic sport that is based on a lot of kicking and punching. I think this one might be perfect if your child deals with ADHD as they can really go loose on it. As a counter weight to the kicking & punching it also focuses on meditation and breathing practices so it’s quite an all-round form of art. Definitely worth to consider!

Aikido comes from Japan as well, going back to the Samurai era, which definitely provides some bragging rights at school. After all who doesn’t want to become a ninja! Aikido is more gentle then the others and teaches cooperation. Now that’s the team spirit.

And last but not least we have Kenpo, which was found in Hawaii of all places. It’s primarily focused on self-defense so that makes it a great started for anyone really. They can always advance to a more aggressive sport like Karate or Taekwondo. Similar to Aikido it is more about escaping conflict vs escalating it so if you have some doubts about why your teenager wants to follow martial arts I would definitely recommend this one.

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