Instagram Posts That Attract High Engagement

Instagram has been among the most revolutionary platforms on the social media space over the last few years. Its fame and usage have spread across various industries and this explains why it doubles as a social platform and a marketing tool as well. There are some people who have mastered the art of creating posts that win the hearts of many people. There is another group of people who never attract comments or likes on their posts irrespective of the number of posts they make in a day. The following are examples of content ideas that will win you high engagement rate.


Every Instagram user is looking for someone who understands his or her journey to offer products that are satisfying. Creating a story and making your followers part of it is a sure way to attract people to engage in your posts. Create a storyline that people can relate to and offer solutions at the end. You can create videos and take photos as you handle your daily activities. You can also use behind-the-scene photos to attract more people to your stories. Learn from the market leaders on how to develop a good storyline that will keep people hooked on your timeline.

User-generated content

You can save time when you let your followers generate content on your behalf. Every time you use one of your follower’s content, he or she will feel like an integral part of your brand. Remember to mention the original composer of the content because it is a nice gesture when you give credit. The nature of the content that you can re-post will depend on the industry that you operate in. You can repost the content manually or use 3rd party apps that are readily available. Just ensure that you check the quality of the content you re-post to be in line with your brand’s vision.

Culture posts

Every brand has a culture that makes it unique and recognizable from far. There is a reason why people will prefer one brand over the others and it always has something to do with culture. Posts that show who you are and what you stand for will always attract a high engagement rate.

People are always attracted to where there is high activity. You can boost your likes through automation especially when you are new in the game. Use of automatic Instagram liker can be the boost you need to take your Instagram marketing campaigns higher.