5 Reasons to Sue a Restaurant

You walk into a restaurant, order your favorite meal, and to your delight, it is prepared just the way like it. As you enjoy the dish, you’re oblivious that the same food you’re eating can bring you untold suffering and pain.

While there is nothing in savoring your favorite delicacy at the eatery of your choice, you need to be aware of the hazards that surround you.

So, what would happen at a restaurant that would make you file a lawsuit? Here are some scenarios.

Food Poisoning

Do you know that there are eateries that sell weight loss smoothies and other related foods? Yes, some even have gym personified waiters and waitresses to show you that indeed, the food item on the menu work. Still, if you get poisoned, you can file a lawsuit against the establishment.

A survey conducted the Centers for Disease Prevention, and Control (CDC) revealed that a staggering 48 million Americans suffer food poisoning every year. An estimated 128,000 end up in emergency rooms and 3,000 lose their lives.

When instituting a food poisoning and food contamination lawsuit, the challenge remains in showing that it was food a particular restaurant that got you poisoned and as a result you became sick.

Wrongful Death

As stated, 3,000 die each year due to food poisoning. These scenarios happen in extreme cases of poisoning. When a person dies as a result of eating food from a restaurant, you can sue the hotel for wrongful death. Of course, immediate family members of the deceased are the one to pursue damages such as medical and funeral expenses.

Slip and Fall

Restaurants have a legal responsibility to ensure the premise is clean and safe for guest. Some of the hazards that can lead to slip and fall injuries include poorly lit hallways, slippery floor, and jam-packed dining or conference halls.


It is not uncommon to find restaurants that sell food and alcohol. Again, it known that where people are getting drunk the odds of a fight ensuing always exist. While there is a provision (dam shop laws) for taking legal action against a person who fights you at the bar, you can also sue the restaurant for over-serving a patron with alcohol.

Workers’ Compensation

Apart from the guests, restaurants have employees who can sustain work-related injuries. Some of the hazard employees of a restaurant are exposed to include busy kitchens and chaotic dining areas. As a worker juggles between serving and taking new orders, he or she could get hurt.

You can sue an establishment that you’re working for work-related injured if the insurer declines your workers’ compensation application.

In conclusion, if you or person you know wants to sue a restaurant for injuries sustained due to negligence, contact an experienced personal attorney in your area to evaluate the facts and possibly pursue compensation.